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Our Company, Lean N’ Green Trading Corp. has been in the direct selling for three (3) years. Lean ‘n Green Trading Corp. created to focus solely on health and Beauty. This is an exciting milestone for both the company and our immediate market with the overwhelming growth of our distributors and resellers worldwide reaching over 1.6 million followers and consumers worldwide. Lean n’ Green became a trending brand and product both offline and online market.

Lean n’ Green, offering a real time convenience of buying and selling as far and wide as internet that can reach using the most advanced system. The e-commerce platforms aims to provide “easiest and hassle free” system. Lean n’ Green also offers un matched profitable earnings, benefits and privileges to our members to shop, sell and earn while at home, office or even in travel – is just a click on the keypads over the internet that anyone can enjoy.
Lean n’ Green is merely designed to answer and to provide solutions for the benefits and convenience of our distributors to achieve quality life. Linking the gap between unfortunate or unprivileged to do business to become entrepreneur winners in all ages, any genders, position and status. E-marketer, a digital marketing research organization based in New York, estimates that retail sales will top $ 27 Trillion in 2020.
The world Federation of Direct Selling Association reports in 2015, The Network Marketing Multilevel and Direct sales profession hit a new high with $ 183.7 Billion in global sales. A significant factor that accounts for this record is the global rise of entrepreneurship and power of internet.
Lean N’ Green Trading Corp. expect its growth to rise by as much as 300% to 500% annually. Linking new possibilities in Global Online Marketing Business is a giant step that Filipino’s are globally adept and innovative.

Our Mission

We dare to be different by raising the level of awareness and creating unique and revolutionary marketing plan
with top quality products that surpasses the Traditional way of expanding a Network Marketing business.

Our Vision

To provide lasting and warm Home for Network Marketers that will stand the test of time.

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